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Канадский сленг

Канадский сленг

Даже если со знанием английского языка у вас проблем нет, канадский сленг понять будет все-таки не просто. 

Мы собрали необычные слова и выражения, которые можно услышать только в Канаде. Они помогут не растеряться во время общения с местными жителями. 


You just need to hang a larry there

I'm just going for a dart 

Can I get this jam buster please? 

My dad's a snowbird, he's leaving to Florida every winter

I'm on my way to the Beer Store to pick up a two-four

She's a really nice bittie, always have been

I prefer living in the boonies

Let's sit down and have a yarn

Осторожно: с неба падают собаки и карманные ножи

Зловещие слова и выражения

Забавные английские слова

Grab your toque. I know we were suntanning yesterday, but… you know… Canada.

Continue down that road for about 5 cicks

All I've got is a loonie. I think I'll walk home.

Henry and Jane are having their stag / stagettes this weekend.

Stop being such a keener! 

You've really hooped it this time.

I got a skookum deal on this!

There was a kerfuffle when Montreal beat the Leafs.

He's a true Canuck.

 Let me just get my runners before. 

I'm just grabbing a mickey for tonight. I have to work in the morning.

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